There is a sense of immediacy and spontaneity about the works of J. Luray
but a great deal of time and thought has been spent in developing each of them.

Along the Reef
20" x 24"

Melody of the Abstract
40"x30" mixed media Collage

You Cannot Tell Corn
By its Color
Mixed Media Collage

Turbulent Journey
31"x24" WC/ Mixed Media

Between Earth and Sky
31"x24" WC/mixed Media

Out of the Abstract
36" x 24" mixed media Collage

North Coast Morning
17"x24" WC/ Mixed Media

Red and Blue Feathers
25" x 30" mixed Media Collage

Systems of Thought
30" x 40" mixed media Collage


40"x60" hand made fiber/thread/yarn

36"x50" handmade fiber/fleece/yarn

Sunset Island
31"x24" WC/MixedMedia

When Colors Meet II
30"x40" Mixed Media Collage

Sky Window
40"x60" Mixed Media Collage


Driftwood Wreath

Of Ocean and Earth
40"x 60" WC/Mixed Media


When Colors Meet
30"x40" Mixed Media Collage

When Colors Meet
Tapestry Throw 50"x60"










J. Luray Schaffner
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